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Sun Breathing

To establish Sun Breathing, lie on the floor on your left side, orienting your body transverse to the sun. Rest your head on your left hand, while the thumb of the same hand should touch the cavity of the left ear, the rest of the fingers are supported covering the forehead. The right arm is bent at a right angle, with the hand resting on the floor and the thumb pointing towards the navel. The heel of the right foot rests on the knee joint of the left leg. Through this posture, facing the Sun in its path and breathing normally, the Solar Breathing is established in three minutes.

Moon Breathing

To establish Moon Breathing the same thing is done but reversing the position and lying on the right side orienting the body so that it faces the Magnetic North, which can be located by means of a compass. By this posture, facing Magnetic North and breathing normally, Moon Breathing is established in three minutes.

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