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Breathing Cycle & Master Arcanes

The Six Master Arcanes (or «Short Path») should ideally be practiced twice a day. First time during the morning and a second time at night. Before practicing them during the morning, it is necessary to first establish the Sun Breathing. On the other hand, when performing the «Short Path» during the night, it is mandatory that Moon Breath prevails before.

To achieve the predominance of Sun or Moon Breathing, there are two positions that create them in just 3 (three) minutes. This is achieved regardless of which type of breathing is dominant at the beginning of the practice.

Master Breathing

It consists of a cycle of 7 (seven) seconds of inspiration / Puraka, 1 (one) second of retention with full lungs / Kumbaka, 7 (seven) seconds of exhalation / Rechaka, 1 (one second) of retention / Kumbaka with empty lungs.


Both inspiration and exhalation must be done exclusively through the nostrils. Exhalation through the mouth is only permitted during the last phase of the Fifth Master Arcane.

The total cycle is 16 seconds. The Master Rhythm is 7 (seven) seconds and corresponds to the esoteric heartbeat of the center of planet Earth (with the 1 second pause). 

Establishing the Master Rhythm in the human being, implies being receptive to the flow of the harmonious power of GAYA LHAMA and renouncing the adverse Maternal Impressions that in terms of circumstances, coincidences and influences, were transmitted to us at the precise moment of our conception, and which determine our bondage and slavery as human beings.

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