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Caucasian Yoga is an esoteric tradition that arose at the geographical crossroads of Europe and Asia. Its antecedents go back to Persian Zoroastrianism, Egyptian esoterism and to Central Asia shamanism. It comprises a series of seven main Master Arcanes (Exercises) and twenty-six Complementary Arcanes (Exercises). In certain regions of the Caucasus, this Yoga is also known as Ahmsta Kebzeh or Amusta Kabzeh, which means Tradition of the Elite.

Our goal is to contribute to the dissemination of the Six Major Arcanes (or "Short Path"), whose execution is not without its difficulties. By the way, Caucasian Yoga has also proved hard to be self-taught, especially until the sequence of movements corresponding to each Arcane is clearly grasped.

What did not exist until today, was a visual demonstration about the execution of the first Six Major Arcanes. Here is our contribution, to preserve the undistorted legacy of Count Stefan Colonna-Walewski (CSCW), and thus ensure the correct practice and perpetuation of Caucasian Yoga in the times to come.

A copy of he original manuscript written by CSCW entitled «A System of Caucasian Yoga» can be downloaded as a PDF file here 

To know oneself is to introduce oneself within one's own entity to see, study and put into practice the three attributes of the self (Think, Feel, Desire). The indicator of the human entity has four aspects:

I - I Am - Soul


I think;

I feel;

I wish;

In turn, Breathing is the INDEX of Thought, Feeling and Desire. A new being is born in this world having a basic respiratory rhythm, which is the breathing rhythm of the mother at the moment of conception (when ovum and sperm join). This is called the Maternal Breathing and within its vibration are hidden both the fate and destiny of every individual.


Produce the Causes and the Effects will follow.

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