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In general, the human being is in a state of slavery ("mechanicity" according to the Fourth Way), product of the ignorance of one or more planes of his entity, for example: on a physical, mental, spiritual or psychic level.


These states of slavery / mechanicity arouse from different misperceptions of the human system, such as the general state of a mother before and during conception, the prenatal influences of the mother transmitted to the fetus through thought, feeling and desire, influences of the moment and manner of birth, which are determinant for the vital currents that circulate in the organism and that are of great importance in human personal history.


In the work of acquiring Mastery, the main and only purpose is to achieve a communion with the harmonious and creative power of the Universe called GAYA LHAMA. Uniting ourselves consciously to its strength to resolve the destinies of evolution towards the immortality of consciousness.


The first step in this process is to achieve Mastery of Thought and through it to acquire the Mastery of the Body.


To have Mastery means to dominate, submit, regulate, know, fully understand. It also means the superiority of Conscious Beings. The whole process of development is called "The Great Work" and consists of the Six Great Master Arcanes, "The Short Path", quintessence of the ways and means for the development of the Mastery of Consciousness.


Birth can be compared to removing a fish from its aquatic environment and exposing it suddenly to the external aerial atmosphere. By abruptly changing the environment, first impressions shape the destiny of the newborn individual, establishing new energy channels ("grooves" that determine sets of mechanic associations) for the vital forces that are not always the most appropriate.


At birth, the umbilical cord should not be cut until it collapses three times and stops beating, allowing all maternal blood to be transferred to the baby. Babies who, instead of being born by natural birth, are born by caesarean section, will inevitably suffer various unhealthy consequences throughout their lives, from an abnormal constitution of their intestinal bacterial flora to several allergic and respiratory problems.


The Master System demonstrates that everything is One, constructed from the same clay of Primordial Energy but in different vibratory states (the velocity of the positive and negative components of matter, condensed in both positive and negative energy and in different proportions and states of density).


Positive is negative inside the vacuum. Negative is neutralizing in a vacuum. Taking by division a spark of the Neutral, which is empty. This One which is also Two, which is also Two with again One around, which is Three, is the "This Is" and it is called GAYA-LHAMA.


The human body absorbs GAYA-LHAMA through breathing. GAYA-LHAMA has four vibratory states and two corresponding body areas where it is stored. Its accumulation is carried out simultaneously in two body sites during the exhalation period, precisely when the corresponding color is projected over two body regions.


The Master System teaches how through the conscious control of breathing and the establishment of the Master Rhythm through the Six Major Arcanes, we are able to modify our impressions and expressions, starting from Slavery and heading towards Mastery.

Then come the ages of childhood, puberty and adolescence each of which lasts seven years and in which adverse influences are often recorded on the developing entity, distorting its growth, and sometimes creating artificial forms of impressions and expressions.


The process of liberation from the oppression of slavery, based on ignorance and darkness, could only be formulated and communicated by souls who have already attained freedom and who were imbued with the pure light of wisdom and understanding.


This was done by the Masters, and it is called the Master System, from eternity and for all eternity, to guide the Human Race.


During eons of Involution, Revolution and Evolution and through numerous rebirths, suffering and pain, a pure race of Masters and Saviors evolved.


The Human Being is the crossroads in which the forces and powers of the Universe converge, through which it finds its perfect expression as a Receiving, Transforming and Emitting Station of Energy.


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