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Breath IS Life 


It is the emanation of God. It is the energy contained in space, which is assimilated through the air. It is the centralizing principle of life. It has four vibratory states, which correspond to four colors. When properly absorbed, this energy vivifies and potentiates certain centers that the human body possesses. The titanic power of GAYA LHAMA is everywhere, always trying to penetrate inside the Human Being so that she can express herself.

The State of Mastery is to be at all times conscious and in a positively receptive attitude, open so that all the powers of GAYA LHAMA flow and express themselves through oneself. And that these powers be directed through the appropriate channels that will be illuminated expressing Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds.

These vibrations correspond to the four functions that develop in the human entity:

1) Physical Function: Red Vermilion Color. It is projected on the anterior part of the head and the abdominal region below the navel, covering the genitals.

2) Mental (Intellectual) Function: Chrome Yellow. It is projected on the forehead and on the thorax, from the nipples to the clavicles, excluding the neck and throat.

3) Spiritual Function: Ultramarine Blue Color. It is projected on the abdomen from the solar plexus down to an imaginary line that crosses horizontally the navel and also over the coronal region of our head


4) Psychic Function: White Color. It is projected on the face from the eyes to the chin inclusive (but excluding the forehead), and it is also projected on the arms and hands, legs and feet.

By practicing the first Six Master Arcanes, through the conscious use of the will and dividing the attention between oneself and an external point, one is inspired by projecting the corresponding color on an external spot. By consciously exhaling the air, one should project the color in two respective body regions, which allows to charge energy and vivify the centers involved. This is the basic part of the Six Master Arcanes.

Breath is Life

Flowing through the nostrils, breathing has three forms.

1) PINGALA or Solar Breathing. When it flows predominantly through the right nostril, breathing is Creative and Electrical and it feeds the vasomotor system. It is the breath that corresponds to the Warrior ready for combat.

2) IDA or Moon Breathing. When it flows predominantly through the left nostri,l it is Regulating, Maternal and Magnetic. It feeds the sympathetic nervous system. It is the breath that corresponds to the Sage ready to absorb knowledge.

3) Shushumna (Neutral Breathing): Flowing evenly through both nostrils, the breath is Balancing, Preserving or Destructive.

Normally the breathing is modified once per hour, alternating in a cyclical way the Solar Breathing, the Moon Breathing and the Neutral Breathing.

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