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Ancient Initiations

In the Ancient Mysteries, Master Breathing and Master Rhythm were established by means of the Four Great Initiations of the Elements.


1) Initiation by WATER:

When immersed in cold water, the thyroid gland is affected by a shock, which leads to a spasm that when correctly achieved, it establishes the Master Vibration in the organism. This was the initiation of Moses into the Nile and of Jesus when being baptized.


2) Initiation by FIRE:

The neophyte had to cross two columns of fire or directly walk on it, while he had to hold his breath so as not to inspire the smoke, typical of the Babylonian and Dravidian mysteries.


3) Initiation by AIR:

Falling from a certain height on a special platform. This process affected the breathing and the solar plexus, typical of the Egyptian mysteries. There is an example in Jesus when he was placed by Satan on a mountain and then thrown from it.


4) Initiation by EARTH:

It was achieved by being buried alive and covered by earth for a certain period of time, while listening to the underground silence, which allowed to assimilate the Sacred Rhythm of the Earth (7-1-7-1)


In the Master System, these four paths are condensed and simplified, as well as the correct way to transmit the teachings and the Arcanes of the Masters, but only available to those candidates who are already prepared and sufficiently developed, because they are already evolved, worthy and qualified souls. But only for those who are prepared to listen the call, for the rest the moment has not yet come, but at some point in eternity it will come to them.


The Master System solves all the problems of each area of ​​life, answers all the questions and allows to face all the situations in the Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Psychic planes. It achieves all the purposes that the other systems presume to achieve, but that have been taken from the Master System.

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