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We are a group of Seekers of Truth, which in our evolutionary zeal have observed that there is a common substrate to esoteric traditions of Central Asia, such as the Fourth Way of G.I. Gurdjieff, Ahmsta Kebzeh and Sufism. We believe that this essential and common underlying core is the so-called Caucasian Yoga, which is a synthesis of very old self-improvement practices that precede all those mentioned initially.

An evidence of the hidden connection between Caucasian Yoga and Gurdjieff`s Fourth Way can be found in Alfred Richard Orage`s quote at «Commentaries on G. I. Gurdjieff All and Everything» page 72 (edited by C.S. Nott) where he says: «The octave is the development of three primaries -the law of three. In the spectrum there are only three primaries -red, yellow, blue. If as a simile we take red as positive, blue as negative, yellow as neutralizing, in man now red and blue are reversed.»

It is then clear that the practice of Caucasian Yoga has the potential to create our own Law of Three and to reset our duality.

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